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Heartland Bighorn Traveler BHTR 39 MB


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    Heartland Bighorn Traveler BHTR 39 MB

Top features

Full length mirror

Quick facts

  • Length
    41.42 ft. (497 in.)
  • Max weight
    16,000 lbs.
  • Sleeps
  • MSRP

Price & availability

  • MSRP


Size & weight


  • Length
    41.42 ft. (497 in.)
  • Height
    13.25 ft. (159 in.)


  • Weight (empty)
    13,210 lbs
  • Cargo capacity
    2,790 lbs.
  • Max weight
    16,000 lbs.


  • Fresh water capacity
    65.0 gal.
  • Total gray water
    90.0 gal. (2 tanks)
  • Total waste water
    45.0 gal.


  • Propane
    60 lbs.
  • Awning
    Powered 20 ft. (240 in.)



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