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The Winnebago Horizon

Last updated: September 20, 2020

The RV industry is seeing a shift. With more first-time buyers entering the market than ever before, manufacturers are forced to reckon with a new buyer profile.

Winnebago Horizon

The Winnebago Horizon

If we're being honest, the interior design of RVs has not generally been associated with terms like "hip" or "trendy". A decade ago, it wasn't uncommon to see RVs with mostly dark interiors. This was in response to a previous generation of RV buyers who revolted against the idea that their RV should be covered in light browns and wood that had long-since exited from the residential market.

When many new RV buyers tour a model today, and see interior design trends that left the residential market several years ago, they're left wondering why RVs haven't kept up.

But the tides are changing. Within the past couple years, we are starting to see RVs with modern interiors that don't default to the darks and browns that reached popularity a decade ago.

Enter Winnebago's radical departure from existing styles, and their first foray into a style that is much more attractive to younger buyers in the 2020s, the Horizon line of Class A motorhomes.

Ah yes, the dark RV interiors of yesteryear - via Pinterest

via Winnebago

With accent lighting that demand comparisons with styles found in private jets, and clean lines that wave goodbye to the swooshes of yesteryear, this new concept of coach is a preview of what we will see other manufacturers and brands adopt in the next few years.

via Winnebago

Unfortunately, you won't see a ton of Horizons on the road today, largely due in part to their $400k+ price point. The market in which the Horizon competes is saturated with many luxurious options, and the Horizon will never be the first choice for most people dropping a half a million on an RV right now.

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  • Winnebago Horizon 42Q floorplan
  • https://spec.dlrwebservice.com/sb-rv/2019_Winnebago_Horizon.jpg
    Winnebago Horizon 42Q

Quick facts

  • Length
    43.25 ft. (519 in.)
  • Max weight
    45,660 lbs.
  • Sleeps
  • MSRP

Price & availability

  • MSRP

Size & weight


  • Length
    43.25 ft. (519 in.)
  • Height
    12.75 ft. (153 in.)


  • Max weight
    45,660 lbs.


  • Fresh water capacity
    85.0 gal.
  • Total gray water
    71.0 gal. (2 tanks)
  • Total waste water
    51.0 gal.


  • Air conditioning
    40,500 BTUs
  • Propane
    97 lbs.
  • Awning
    Powered 14.5 ft. (174 in.)

Driving & towing

  • Tires
    Michelin Michelin XZA2: 295/80R 22.5
  • Brakes
    Hydraulic Disc
    Electric Drum
  • Axles
  • Leveling
    Powered Electric
    Winnebago Horizon 42Q
    Winnebago Horizon 42Q
Living area